Installing and Running The IDE on Windows 11

Windows 11 is here. The IDE was never officially supported on Windows 10 although I, like may others, have been using it there for half a decade. So, what about Windows 11? I have done an initial test using the rules outlined in my Running the IDE on Windows 10 post. The install went OK, the IDE runs and seems to work. Until I have done an amount of work, I cannot say more but it is encouraging.

Microsoft updated it’s VB6 runtime support statement on November 5th to include Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. It looks like we are good to keep VB6 applications running for a while longer.

I will be keeping this updated as I do more work.

– Nick

2 thoughts on “Installing and Running The IDE on Windows 11”

  1. Thank you so much for your work on this. I have many legacy apps I maintain with NO budget to convert. And besides VB6 works, it’s fun, and its fast development.

    Much appreciated.

  2. Thanks George. Good to know there is someone out there.

    To say conversions don’t go well is an understatement. Redevelopment is really the only viable path for the legacy stuff. I personally believe that is the reason Microsoft keeps these applications running. Not only does Microsoft have a large base of these applications in their customer base but, I believe, they have a large base of VB6 applications internally as well.

    The major criticism of VB6 is that it results in poorly written applications but while that is possible it is also possible to develop well constructed applications. VB6’s only sin is that it does not FORCE you to write good code — It does not prevent it.


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