Of Chickens Eggs and LEDs

We have kept chickens for years.  Mostly for the eggs but I must admit we just like having them around.  Chickens are programmed to lay eggs in the summer and stop in the winter.  They will lay in the summer for a number of years if kept healthy.   The control for this is length of the day.  If you want eggs year-round, you just need to use a little trickery.   Just control the light in their environment to maintain a ‘day’ of 12-14 hours.  This is easily done with a light and timer.   Keep the daylight to 12-14 hours with the light and they think it’s still summer.  Simple right?

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My History with Microsoft Visual Basic

I encountered Microsoft’s Basic in 1998. It was familiar to me because of my use of BASIC on GE Timesharing as far back as 1967 (see the ‘About Nick Cottrell‘ tab). I began using VB Script to do various things. At one point, I completed a 900+ line logon script to convert a Novell user profile to Active Directory user profile and swore I would never write a script that large again. I began using VB6 to do things I could not do easily in a script. Not only based on scale and debugging ability but because I also found … Read more

WPIE15.exe Error Installing or Modifying VB6

If you have gotten the WPIE15.exe error installing VB6 the reason is probably the install source. Visual Studio 6 comes from an era where we were installing on a physical computer, which of course, had a physical CD drive, which of course, had a drive letter assigned that almost never changed. So, when you installed any Visual Studio language from a CD, which you almost always did (even if you had an iso you burned a CD for the install), the installer remembered that drive letter.

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New VB6 IDE Install on Windows 11 Issue Solved?

Initially, when I tested a VB6 IDE install on an Windows 11 ‘out-of-the-box’ (RTM) install, I encountered no new issues. I just got a new laptop and tried the same install method on a 21H2 (Build 22000.376) and immediately ran into an issue. The install ended with a message it had not worked and a reference to an install setting. I had never seen this previously.

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Installing and Running The IDE on Windows 11

Windows 11 is here. The IDE was never officially supported on Windows 10 although I, like may others, have been using it there for half a decade. So, what about Windows 11? I have done an initial test using the rules outlined in my Running the IDE on Windows 10 post. The install went OK, the IDE runs and seems to work. Until I have done an amount of work, I cannot say more but it is encouraging.

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