Controlling the Distribution Group managedBy Attribute or Who Wants All These Emails?

Most of you probably know the ‘owner’ of a distribution group displayed in Outlook, Outlook Web App, and Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) is the managedBy attribute. What you may not know is that the managedBy attribute is a singled valued attribute. A Distribution Group can have multiple owners so where are the rest? The additional owners are in the multi-valued attribute msExchCoManagedByLink. Except for the exposure of the managedBy attribute in the GUI, they are all the same. So, who cares? Well, the person exposed as the ‘owner’ is the lucky one who gets all the inquiries about … Read more

Comparing AADConnect Rules or How Do I Tell What Changed?

As the rule base generated by AADConnect has gotten larger and larger and a simple configuration setting change can generate multiple rules, it has become a challenge to keep track of what is going on. So when the configuration changes or there is a version upgrade, how does one tell what changed? This is not as important in a “standard” configuration but if the “standard” rules are changed by disabling rules, copying and modifying rules, or adding new rules, it is important to be aware how an upgrade handles those modifications.

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